Center Console Windshields

Center Console Windshields

***Notice*** As of August 2021 lead time on windshields is about 7-10 days.

These windshields are made of 1/4" cell cast plexiglass and will attach to the front and sides of the console as shown in the photos. They make great replacements for damaged or UV crazed windshields, or to add one to your center console or boat building project.

Mounting holes are not pre-drilled so you can drill your own and line them up with existing holes in the console, or position them where you want them. If you drill your own, we will include a drill bit specially made for drilling plexiglass, as well as a small scrap piece of material to get the feel of drilling it before doing the windshield.

If you would prefer pre-drilled holes and they don't need to line up with existing holes, just indicate in the options above. You will receive the windshield with the appropriate number of mounting holes pre-drilled.

The sides on the windshields are 6" as shown in the drawing, you choose the width and height. The width is the inside measurement, so if you have the old windshield you can take the width directly from it. If you don't have an old windshield to go by, the width should be 1/8" to 1/4" larger than the width of the console for a good fit. Again, inside measurement.

The standard corner bend radius on these windshields is about 1/2", so they will fit best on consoles without large radius corners..

Maximum height is 23"

Maximum width is 30"

If you have any questions about whether these windshields will work for your application, just send a picture of the old windshield or of the console and I can let you know.
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