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Center Console Windshield (Smoke tint)

Center Console Windshield (Smoke tint)

Lead time on windshields is approximately 1-2 weeks.


These windshields are made of 1/4" cell cast plexiglass and will attach to the front and sides of the console as shown in the photos. They make great replacements for damaged or UV crazed windshields, or to add one to your center console or boat building project.



If you have the old windshield simply take the inside to inside measurement from it and that will be the width you enter.

If you don't have the old windshield, measure the console from side to side and add about 1/4" and that will be your width measurement. The windshield should be slightly wider than the console for a good fit.



This is the overall height you want the windshield to be. Maximum height 20 inches.



If you want holes to line up with existing holes in console you will want to drill your own. A specialty drill bit will be included in the size you select.

If you prefer to have the holes drilled, the appropriate number of holes will be pre-drilled in the size you select. Mounting hardware is not included, you will need to purchase the appropriate fasteners for your application.



The side dimension, or depth, is measured at the bottom side of the windshield. See drawing in photos.


The corner bend radius is about 1/2", so these windshields will work best on consoles without large radiused corners.


If you have any question as to whether these will work for your application, just send a picture of the old windshield or of the console.

  • Ordering

    Enter the following in the space provided.

    Width (maximum 30")

    Overall height (maximum 20")



    Then select the other options from drop-down menus for pricing.

    Add to cart to get total before purchasing.

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