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Leaning Post Drop-In Storage Tray

Leaning Post Drop-In Storage Tray

Under seat drop in storage trays for leaning posts. Trays are made of 1/4" marine grade HDPE (Starboard/Seaboard). 

Selecting options: Dimensions - Indicate whether the dimensions you are providing are taken from an existing tray, or are the measurements of the opening that the tray will drop into. If from an existing tray, new tray will be made to those dimensions. If measurements are the opening, the new tray will be made slightly smaller for a good fit.


If you are taking measurements from an existing tray, take the length and width dimensions from right up under the flange. It will probably be angled and not as long or wide near the bottom, we want the maximum length and width. Depth is measured from under the flange to the outside bottom of tray. See the drawing above.

Length, Width, Depth, & Flange - See photo above for description.


Prices are for square/rectangular shapes only. If you need one wirh large radius corners or curved sides just send a message, most likely I can fabricate it for you.

If you need a size other than what's listed send a message with your requirements. Other colors available on request.

  • Ordering

    Enter length and width, then select other options from menu. Read description above for length/width requirements.

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