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Universal Fit Top Mount Windshield

Universal Fit Top Mount Windshield

These universal fit plexiglass windshields are designed to be mounted to the top of the console on center or side console boats, and require a flat surface to mount to.  All windshields are made of 1/4" cell cast plexiglass and utilize custom made mounts which allow for simple and quick removal and re-attachment of the windshield. All hardware is stainless steel/marine grade.  They make excellent replacements for old or broken windshields, or to add a windshield to any small or medium size side or center console watercraft.  Also great for homemade boats.  Windshields are 15" tall with 4" sides.  Widths are measured from the outside to outside of windshield.
All sizes are angled back toward driver at 12 degrees from vertical.

Mounts and hardware are included.

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